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This is the Website of the Iowa Association of Administrative Law Judges (IAALJ). Explore our page to get contact information about IAALJ and to learn about upcoming events.

President - Amanda Atherton
Vice-President - Amy Christensen
Secretary - Deb Wise
Treasurer - Christie Scase

Iowa Assn. of Administrative Law Judges had a successful Fall ALJ CLE on September 29, 2014, with Illinois Judge Sophia Hall as the keynote presenter on Impartiality.

On September 29, 2014, Iowa Assn. of Administrative Law Judges passed a resolution supporting judicial independence and promote the ideal that members of the administrative law judiciary receive merit protection along with their supervisors.   Iowa_Judicial_Independence_Resolution.pdf

Iowa Assn. of Administrative Law Judges' Spring 2015 ALJ CLE will be held on Monday, April 27, 2015, at the Iowa State Bar Association Building.  James Gerl will be our featured presenter on Judicial Writing.

Become a member of the Iowa Association of Administrative Law Judges by clicking the Membership Application button in the left column and mailing the completed application to Christie Scase, Division of Administrative Hearings, Wallace Building, 502 E 9th St, Des Moines IA 50319. (For additional information, please contact Christie Scase)

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