John Hardwicke Mentor Program

In 2008 a fundraising drive for the National Administrative Law Judiciary Foundation was begun. Donors were encouraged to become Mentors or Life Mentors of the Foundation. One of the goals of the fundraising drive was to raise sufficient funds to re-activate the Challenge Grant Program, which invites affiliates to select a member to attend the NAALJ annual meeting and conference with financial assistance from the Foundation, NAALJ, and the affiliate. This goal was achieved for the 2009 Annual Meeting and Conference in Orlando! The Foundation now funds the Affiliate Challenge Grant, the NAALJ Fellowship, and the Neil Alexander Scholarship program that assists judges attending the National Judicial College.

In early 2010, the Mentor Program was named the John Hardwicke Mentor Program. Judge Hardwicke served as mentor to countless administrative law judges throughout his many years of leadership in NAALJ and NCALJ, as well as during his tenure as Maryland’s inaugural Chief Administrative Law Judge for the State of Maryland’s Office of Administrative Hearings.

You are urged to become a Mentor or Life Mentor of the John Hardwicke Mentor Program! A person or other legal entity becomes a Mentor by making an annual contribution of not less than $100. A Life Mentor is a person or other legal entity who makes a one-time, lump sum contribution of not less than $1,000, or makes an initial contribution of $300 and a written pledge to contribute an additional $900 over the next three years.

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