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In accordance with the NAALJ By-Laws, the Audit Committee is elected by a vote of the membership. Members

of the Nominating Committee are appointed by the President. The Committees that choose the NAALJ Fellowship

Committee each year, and those that designate the Rosskopf Award are chaired by past recipients. Otherwise,

committees are open to all NAALJ members. Please contact the chair of the committee you are interested in

for further information or to volunteer.

Audit Committee


Hon. Ana Kennedy


Hon. Michael Osborn

Fellowship Committee


Hon. Carrie Ingram


Hon. Phyllys Bernard

Hon. Ed Felter

Hon. Elizabeth Figueroa

Hon. Joanna Grisinger

Hon. Gina Hale

Hon. R. Terrance Harders

Hon. Carrie Ingram

Hon. Julian Mann

Hon. Chris McNeill

Mr. Gregory Ogden

Ms. Judy Parker

Hon. Malcolm Rich

Hon. Ed Schoenbaum

Hon. Jeffrey Wolfe

Hon. Ann Young

Special Education Section


Hon. Brian Ford, Pennsylvania

Hon. Michelle Cole, Maryland

Newsletter/Communications Committee


Hon. John Leidig, Maryland

Hon. Paul Handy


Hon. James Ward

Membership Committee


Hon. Beth Bergman

Website Committee

Hon.Thomas J. Augustine

Hon. Karen Clopton

Hon. Gabriel Paul

NAALJ Journal Board of Advisors


Hon. Richard Goodwin, California

Faculty Editor

Prof. Gregory Ogden, California

2022 Annual Conference Committee


Hon. Richard Goodwin


Hon. Richard Boulanger

Emily Chafa, Iowa


Hon. Kathleen Chapman

Hon. Anthony Colbert

Hon. Syeetah Hampton-El

Hon. Michelle McGovern, Iowa


Hon. Gabe Paul, Indiana

Hon. Lora Warren

Sponsorship Committee

Liaison to Central Panel Directors


Hon. Robert Cohen, Florida

Rosskopf Achievement Award Committee


Hon. Steve Wise (Ret.), Montana 


Hon. Cathy Bennett (Ret.), New York

Hon. Claudia Crichlow, D.C. 

Hon. Peter Loomis (Ret.), New York

Hon. Gabe Paul, Indiana

Nominating Committee


To be appointed by President in 2022,

pursuant to Article IX, Sec. 4 of Bylaws

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