NAALJ 2013 Midyear - Williamsburg Sponsorships

NAALJ is proud to announce our Bronze and Tote Bag Sponsors and our Conference Supporters for the Association’s 2013 Midyear Conference at the Williamsburg Hospitality House in Williamsburg, Virginia. We sincerely thank each of our sponsors, including our general supporters, for their support of our 2013 Midyear Conference. Without these sponsors, a conference of this calibre could simply not be held. We ask our Conference registrants to speak with our Sponsors' representatives in Williamsburg. They are there to inform you about their products and services and how they could assist your respective agencies. Please take advantage of the opportunity to speak with them!! Click on the logos below to go to our Sponsors' Websites. Information about sponsorship opportunities for our upcoming Chicago Annual Conference in September can be found at www.naalj.org/2013-annual-conference-sponsorship-opportunities.

Bronze Sponsor and Tote Bag Sponsor: AppearByPhone.com


AppearByPhone.com is a telephonic court appearance service that enables attorneys to appear in court at their Judges’ convenience. This service greatly simplifies the process of court appearances, allowing attorneys to appear by telephone for any appearance pre-approved by their Judge - typically non-evidentiary and pre-trial appearances. AppearByPhone does the waiting for you and connects the parties when it’s time for the appearance. It is extremely simple and easy to use, relieves congestion in courtrooms, and helps maximize attorney efficiency. AppearByPhone is now available nationwide. For your next court appearance, make it a telephonic appearance with AppearByPhone. Contact us at www.appearbyphone.com.

Bronze Sponsor: William & Mary Law School - Office of Career Services

William & Mary Law School

William & Mary Law School - Office of Career Services is hosting a reception for conference attendees on Monday, April 15.  Legal education began at William & Mary in 1779, at the urging of Thomas Jefferson, a College of William and Mary graduate. Jefferson believed that members of the profession should be trained to be citizen lawyers—passionate legal advocates and honorable human beings. 

Conference Supporters: Sustain Technologies, Infocom Systems Services, Inc., and New DawnTechnologies   Please click the logos below to learn more about our sponsors and their services and products. 

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   New Dawn


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