NAALJ 2012 Midyear - Reno Sponsors

NAALJ is proud to announce our Gold and Silver Sponsors for the Association’s 2012 Mid-Year Conference in Reno. Joining us for the second consecutive year as our Gold Sponsor is Sustain Technologies, Inc. Sustain’s eCourt is a completely Web-based case processing system, developed from over 25 years of delivering successful case management systems to large and small courts and justice in two provinces, eleven states and three countries. We invite you to explore Sustain’s products and services at its website, Or download and print out the Sustain Technology flyer by clicking this link.

Joining NAALJ for the first time, and as our Silver Sponsor, is Infocom Systems Services, Inc. Infocom’s JACS (Judicial Agile and Configurable Systems) is a suite of full-featured software products for event-driven and agile Case Management, Automated Scheduling and Calendar/Docket Management. In business for more than 22 years, Infocom has the distinction of being one of the vendors participating in the Courtroom 21 project (NCSC and Law College of William and Mary) demonstrating the “Courtroom of the Future.” We invite you to visit Infocom’s website, at, for more information about its products and services. You can download or print out the Infocom Systems brochure by clinking this link .

Technology for Breakfast

During the breakfast hour in Reno at the National Judicial College on Monday, April 2, 2012, David Smith of Sustain Technologies will offer a presentation about his company’s products and services. On Tuesday, April 3, 2012, P.K. Gupta of Infocom Systems Services, Inc. will make a similar presentation, also during the breakfast hour. We invite and urge all Reno conference attendees to take advantage of these opportunities to learn how available technology can make a huge difference in our lives as Administrative Law Judges.

Gold Sponsor: Sustain Technologies, Inc. 

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Silver Sponsor: Infocom Systems Services, Inc.    


Tote Bag Sponsor: Infocom Systems Services, Inc. 



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